Clifton Hill - Noone Street

The Noone Street, Clifton Hill (on the corner of Alexander Street) site is located 3 kilometres from the CBD in the City of Yarra. The site is close to education facilities, employment, support services and shopping areas. The buildings on the site, known as 'walk-ups' were built in the 1960s and are no longer suiting the needs of many residents.

Noone Street, Clifton Hill is one of eleven identified to be renewed in Stage One of the Public Housing Renewal Program

At the moment there are 36 dwellings on the Noone Street site and they will be replaced by at least 40 new public housing homes. The new homes will be modern and accessible, safe, secure and energy efficient, and built to meet the needs of tenants today and into the future. The redevelopment will also include private housing, which will help fund the project and create more diverse communities.

The proposed redevelopment of Noone Street is currently on hold. The department is seeking to further explore different housing types and a range of layout options to determine the best solution.



Noone Street
Clifton Hill, Victoria, 3068

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